Hudson County, New Jersey is a marvelous place. Home to the historically important Ellis Island and the 2nd largest city in the state, Jersey City, Hudson County is a great place to live. Located directly across the Hudson River from Manhattan, the location of Hudson County couldn’t be better. Just a short, underwater ride away from the most populous city in the nation, the Holland Tunnel connects Jersey City to New York City in the most fascinating way. All of this driving, however, usually equals a lot of traffic tickets. If you are one of the unlucky motorists who have recently received a Monmouth traffic ticket, we offer exactly what you need to save a little money. Traffic tickets are never good, but the damage they leave behind on your driving record and in your pocketbook is even worse. Clean up your driving record and save 5% on your auto insurance rates by completing our easy and convenient Hudson County defensive driving course.

The course is built for people who like to do things their own way. You can work on the course from your own home, at your own pace, and around your own schedule. You won’t have to sit through a boring classroom all day long with our simple New Jersey defensive driving course online; just log in when you have the time and work for as long as you’d like. You are able to log on and off as you please and the course automatically saves your progress. You can access the course from any computer with internet access or even on most mobile devices. There is nothing difficult about our course and it’s available right now! Sign Up today to see how easy it is to remove two (2) points from your driving record and save 5% on your auto insurance rates; you’ll also become a better, more confident driver in the process!

Why Choose Our New Jersey Defensive Driving Course?

We offer the best online defensive driving course NJ has to offer. With FREE completion submission to the MVC and a FREE instant certificate copy for your insurance provider, we make the process effortless for you. What else makes us the best?

  • Our Course is Approved by the MVC
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Service Areas for Essex County Defensive Driving

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Hudson County Defensive Driving F.A.Q

Q: Why should I take a Hudson County defensive driving course?

A: There are three (3) very beneficial reasons for you to take our online defensive driving course NJ:

  1. Remove two (2) points from your New Jersey MVC driving record.
  2. Receive a 5% discount on your auto insurance rate.
  3. Become a better, more confident driver.

Clean up your driving record, save yourself some money and increase your safety on the road. I can’t think of any reasons better than those! Click Here to register.

Q: How long is the New Jersey defensive driving course?

A: New Jersey MVC guidelines designate that the course must be a six (6) hour course. Luckily, with our online defensive driving course, NJ does not require you to do all six (6) hours at once, unless you want to. You can log on and off as often as you would like to while working through the course and your progress will be automatically saved. You can do a little today and a little more tomorrow, or, some in the morning and some more at night. The choice is yours!

With the click of your mouse, you can be on your way to beginning our course in just seconds. Click Here to begin the registration process and in a few minutes you can be registered and working on the course.

Hudson County Defensive Driving Resources

Need Hudson County defensive driving resources? If so, you’re in luck!

Visit the New Jersey Courts Page for Hudson County Court Information, including driving directions and hours. While you’re there, don’t forget to view your Traffic Ticket Information and Pay Your Ticket Online if you haven’t done so yet.

For general New Jersey driving resources, visit the New Jersey MVC. Use the New Jersey MVC Office Locator to help you find directions, hours and contact information for your local MVC office. The Traffic Violations Self Help section is also helpful for New Jersey drivers. The Penalties, Fines and Points page give a lot of great information. Make sure to view Your Driver Abstract Online and grab a copy of the New Jersey Driving Manual before you leave!

List of Hudson County Defensive Driving Resources

Hudson County Traffic Court Location

Need a New Jersey Defensive Driving Course For a Different County?

If you received your citation somewhere other than Hudson County, we can help! We offer our online defensive driving course NJ for Bergen County, Middlesex County, Essex County, Monmouth County, and every other county in the state of New Jersey. Click Here to view all locations that we service.